#oh but that jjong oppa #he’s good #like really good #he was all awkward shy grin #saying things like #i sux at this #but even he was saying it #he was smoothly going on for the kill #check out that move #hold her shoulder tight #pulled her in #and placed her perfectly against your body #you sure sux at this jjong oppa #yup uh-huh #btw the more i watch this #the more i’m getting mesmerized #by the way #ahyoung’s hair gently touches his chest #and the way she was biting her lower lip #this was a mission they had to #i’d probably faint the day #they do something like this all on their own lol

Well this blog has been active lately … Basically for Jjongah couple. Bcs this is the only place where i can let out all my feels and not get judge. Others keep on saying “scripted” blah blah blah …. Uhmmmm i know stop blocking my feels !

Okay.. u scared me for a second. i thought u finally come back 2 ur sense and decided 2 stay sane and will tone down ur posts on Jjongah. Please dont!lol. yeah we all know that WGM is scripted. I get the poster intention, but i kinda fed up with all people that keep on reminding us on how scripted WGM. We just want to have enjoy their interactions. I dont mind being delusional while they still in WGM as i know i CAN go back to my usual self once they leave WGM. lets just enjoy the show for now:)
─ Anonymous


oh no sorry I gave you a fright!! it wasnt my intention! i think if you’ve been following me and my obsession with JjongAh you would notice that I’ve always emphasized that I’ve watched WGM from the very VERY beginning (the pilot episode that was a Chuseok one-time special back in 2008) and I’ve been constantly watching it since then,that I could pretty much tell which moment is “scripted” (or more exactly put “planned”) and which one isn’t, which scenes needed a retake (for purposes of clearer visual/audio) or which one doesn’t.And that’s why I always watch an episode of WGM like I would a drama, observing what the PD is trying to deliver with every new ep,and I don’t necessary put all the weight of an episode on the participants themselves,whether it’s something good or something bad.In a case of the couple that I particularly like, I will spazz and enjoy watching those moments of the couple that are fun, cute, sweet, touching, meaningful etc. I enjoy them to my heart’s content when they are on the show,and when their stints ended,i wish them all the best. for the ones that I thought had real chemistry,I will think that it would be wonderful if they could make something real of it,but if it turns out they didn’t,it’s actually none of my business  so I don’t really have anything to say about it either way.But this only works POST the show,nothing can stop me from spazzing while a couple is still on the show.

From all my years of watching the show,I know that each couple have their own “story lines” that’s given by the PD - basically something that will become their “personality” as a couple. And of course there’s the variety of couples and the different ways they approach shooting WGM. Sometimes both people in the partnership treat each other with mutual respect and are very professional at doing their job,playing their parts perfectly and making sure they produce an entertaining show with every episode, some have genuine chemistry that defies their delegated “story lines”, for example  in cases of episodes where they’re suppose to “fight” but no real problematic issues ever happened anyway, and some partnership are unlucky in the sense that they could never see each other romantically and are only “tolerating” every WGM shooting until their contract ends. Some couples know that it’s all in good fun and doesn’t take themselves too seriously(at least while still under that contract) and just enjoy themselves (and this includes doing skinships etc) while shooting the show and comes out of the show with a genuine,supportive friendship.

I remember reading an interview that Hong Jin Young did a while back,in which she mentioned something about how she was genuinely surprised at all the support that she and her partner received, and she mentioned that because there is no exact script but only “laid-out plans”  for every WGM shooting,she and her partner were only going by their instincts.She mentioned something about how seeing as they are getting a great response, that they must be doing things right,and therefore with a relieved heart will continue her WGM shooting process with that same approach.I wish I have a link for that i’view so that I can attach it here as a proof,but unfortunately I don’t have it right now,but that was basically what I remembered her as saying. So we can see now that while the “plans” are there,it is up to the couple themselves to do what they want to do with it.They have to, of course, make sure that they stay within the frame of the camera shot, and that the audio of what they’re saying is captured properly while they are shooting,but at the end of the day,because WGM is not a drama with a full script that states all the lines to be said and dictates all the movements that needs to be made, ultimately a lot of our enjoyment comes directly from the participating couple themselves,and how they behave with each other.

I guess,what I’m trying to say is that for SOME viewers,we can still remember that “this is a show” and there are many other things that needs to be considered with everything that happened between the couples,but for OTHERS,there is a very strong tendency to see and “accept” everything shown on WGM as the “absolute truth”. I still remember some of the extreme anger I read that was directed to HJH after last week’s episode, and feeling shocked and being baffled about it,because I already know what the direction of the past episode was supposed to be,and i predicted that in this week’s episode it’s probably going to be a different story,depending on the direction and the editing.It’s because perception sometimes is everything, and when people lose their objectivity (and sometimes be hindered by those other factors such as the discrepancy between WGM-time and Real-time which i mentioned before) that things could get hurtful if the end result is the opposite of what you’re hoping for.

When the scandal of Oh YeonSeo & Lee JangWoo broke out,I still remember the confusion and hurt it caused the loyal supporters of Oh YeonSeo & LeeJoon couple. At the same time, while many people were understandably disappointed at Oh YeonSeo, viewers and supporters alike have no right to condemn her decision to hang out with Lee JangWoo (whether as a romantic interest or just a friend,it doesn’t really matter) in her real life,because when it’s off the show,it’s her personal space,and no one else have the right to judge her about it. It’s the same with JjongAh right now,if let’s say, tomorrow, we found out they’re dating someone else or another person off the show, I would probably say..but DAMMIT GDI they had SUCH AMAA-ZING chemistry,CAN I HAVE THEM TOGETHER IN  A DRAMA?ROM-COM PREFERABLY?? that’s pretty much the limit of what I could say anyway,should such a situation ever occur in the future.

That said, JjongAh is a very special couple for me.NO participants of  WGM past and present had ever made me enjoy watching the show as much as they do - THIS MUCH (uh hello? this blog) - and it’s the perfect combination of EVERYTHING - their natural chemistry, their never-before-seen-on-WGM characters, how well they work together (despite all the odds there probably is) and their fresh approach to shooting the show. It’s probably the first time I’ve ever had BOTH participants in the same coupling saying in interviews outside of WGM that “shooting the show feels like dating” or something to that extent. It kinda shows how they look at the show and the process they go through while shooting it.So far, it looks like they’re having a good time,which is probably why we get all this enjoyment from watching them.Truthfully, the story line they have is pretty much the standards I’ve seen over the years - plots already often recycled and episodes development that are repeated over and over again; but it’s THEM and what THEY do with the situations and “laid-out plans” given to them that makes JjongAh so..different.Special.So enjoyable.And spazzable.

I honestly don’t mind people reminding me that WGM is scripted or planned or whatever. I remind MYSELF all the time that this is indeed a show,so i don’t really care if others remind me or not about it.Why? Because it does nothing to lessen my enjoyment, and I don’t think it’s my responsibility if others become “delusional” or “wants to ship a couple for life”,because it just isn’t my place to do so. My responsibility is entirely for myself and my decisions and actions. The thing with shipping is,it’s ALL we can do anyway, nothing in our shipping and spazzing ways will ever make a couple happen if it’s not meant to happen.So I say don’t worry about that too much.

Like you say,let’s just enjoy ourselves - with what we have in the NOW. Yeah, this is the fun and the thrill of watching a show like WGM; the theory and the speculations,the "are they?" or "aren’t they?". I mean, people watch Infinity Challenge and SPAZZ GDragon and Jung Hyung Don in the name of fun,and let’s not even talk about THAT Wednesday Couple(yes that’s INTENTIONAL); and those variety shows does not even have the word “married” in their titles. If it’s being delusional, then because if it’s indeed untrue, one day we will be proved as being delusional anyway, one way or another. All these spazzing we’re doin’ right now?The chance to do them will be over in months anyways,when they’re off the show. And then for me JjongAh will only be a beautiful experience I will always keep in my memory.

If you’re STILL reading this long-winded,long-ass post THOUGH (woww you’re nice) ,I’ll just end this with OMG OMG JjongAh is SO BEAUTIFUL TOGETHER AND THEY KEEP GIVING ME ALL THE FEELS I JUST CANT -

The HJH "IG like/unlike" Saga chronology


Ok Anon, you did ask…so here goes nothing:

August 18 Hong JongHyun made a ‘comeback’ on his IG by posting a photo of him with Kim YoungKwang taken at a recent photoshoot.


This IG update was made A YEAR after he made the previous one:


August 20 Hong JongHyun LIKED a JjongAh

omg i just read your post about what if hjh revealed a jjongah couple selca and it got me thinking. i see them with their phones for most of the episodes. and assuming that those are their actual personal phones, and how yura always takes selfies. im betting they must have tons of pics of each other on their phones.
─ Anonymous


yup,they use their personal phones on the show,not phones provided by the production,which means ALL those selfies they have on each other’s phones; there are probably some that we never even saw on the show.and now from today’s ep we also know that there are possibly more video clips of each other on their phones so… xD

JjongAh Couple EP234


#omg #that phone conversation #he sounds like he’s ahyoung’s boyfriend #that’s right BOYFRIEND not HUSBAND #I mean #WHAT IN THE WORLD #happened between Itaewon and Music Core #just HEOL #one moment he was teasing her with the piggy toy #the next he’s all you’re mine all mine that’s why I get…